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What I Learned from Doing 60+ Technical Interviews in 30 Days

In this article, I’ll share my motivation for doing 60+ technical interviews in 30 days. More importantly, I’ll share 13 lessons I learned from my failures and my successes.

Monitoring demystified: A guide for logging, tracing, metrics

The concept of observability has caught fire in the last few years, both in DevOps and monitoring circles. You may already be familiar with observability operations, which include logging, tracing, and displaying metrics. But how do you do those three things well?

Building a Dev career for the long haul

Hunt for a great mentor and just latch on to them. If you can’t find one, then hunt for one outside of your current workplace/environment. Standing on shoulders of giants is the surest way to see further than you ever could standing on the ground.

Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second

JSON is everywhere on the Internet. Servers spend a *lot* of time parsing it. We need a fresh approach. The simdjson library uses commonly available SIMD instructions and microparallel algorithms to parse JSON 2.5x faster than anything else out there.

Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates

There are tens of thousands of genes in the human genome: minuscule twists of DNA and RNA that combine to express all of the traits and characteristics that make each of us unique. Each gene is given a name and alphanumeric code, known as a symbol, which scientists use to coordinate research. But over the past year or so, some 27 human genes have been renamed, all because Microsoft Excel kept misreading their symbols as dates.


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