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It never gets easier, you just go faster

As a developer, you will solve a thousand puzzles, and then a thousand more. Your brain will stretch and grow. You will dream about databases or pixels or curly braces. I once had a dream where I was walking down a hallway, but the hallway was my code. It was a good dream. I found a bug.

Typing is Hard

Type checking is the process of taking a given program in some programming language and working out whether all variables and expressions have the correct types, i.e. strings are assigned to strings, arithmetic expressions involve only numbers, etc.

Let’s implement a Bloom Filter

A Bloom filter is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure that is used to answer a very simple question: is this element a member of a set?. A Bloom filter does not store the actual elements, it only stores the membership of them.

When Feature Flags Do And Don’t Make Sense

Over the past years, I’ve worked in multiple teams adopting very different strategies when it comes to feature flags. I’ve seen the pros and cons of both, and over time, I found myself disagreeing with any fundamentalist position on their use. There is a lot of nuance to this topic, and I think it is worth considering more carefully the various scenarios where feature flags do and do not make sense.

Creating a QR Code step by step

This JavaScript demo application visualizes in detailed steps, how a text string is encoded into a QR Code barcode symbol. The content of this page essentially explains and justifies how my QR Code generator library works internally.

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