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Mozilla: The Greatest Tech Company Left Behind

How could an organization that had its hand in so many world-changing technologies fail to thrive?

Web Scraping without getting blocked

Web scraping or crawling is the fact of fetching data from a third party website by downloading and parsing the HTML code to extract the data you want.

An Introduction to Metrics, Monitoring, and Alerting

In this guide, we will discuss what metrics, monitoring, and alerting are. We will talk about why they are important, what types of opportunities they provide, and the type of data you may wish to track. We will be introducing some key terminology along the way and will end with a short glossary of some other terms you might come across while exploring this space.

My Advice After Interviewing 100+ Software Engineers

This awkward and stressful thing between emerging a hero after completing the 12 labors of Hercules and the pointless successive hula hoops jumps of a circus trained animal, which we lightly call job interviews. We all hate them, yet they are an unavoidable fact of our professional lives.

Factorio and Software Engineering

I’ve been a software engineer a while now and I can say this with confidence - it is fun. It’s great and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It’s so much fun that some folks try to capture the most enjoyable elements and put them into games.


Devs like you are in demand on Vettery

Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that's changing the way people hire and get hired. Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.

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