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WEBINAR | Refactor > Rewrite: How to save your existing app with Vertical Slice Architecture

If you’re working with a layered-architecture application that’s gotten too complex to scale, you don’t have to scrap it and start over. On Wed., September 9, Headspring Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard will show us how to take advantage of the encapsulation vertical slice provides in order to safely and steadily refactor a tangled app. Sign up and you’ll receive the full recording after!

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The Internet explained from first principles

I wrote this article to introduce the Internet to a non-technical audience. In order to get everyone on board, I first explain basic concepts such as communication protocols, network topologies, and signal routing. The section about Internet layers becomes increasingly technical and peaks with a deep dive into DNSSEC. If the beginning is too elementary for you, then just skip ahead to more interesting sections.

Making an OS (x86) - Part 1: CPU, Assembly, Booting

In this video you will (hopefully) learn the basis of what the CPU is, what Assembly is like and even use some Assembly code to create a functioning boot sector.

Notes on RSI for Developers Who Don't Have It (Yet)

I decided to collect some information about it to make improvements now rather than later. If I intend to write as much code and words as I do for the rest of my life I better do this right. People have been forced to quit programming over stuff like this.

What's it like as a Senior Engineer at Google and Microsoft?

When I started working at Microsoft, fresh out of college, coding was my life. Writing code was the easiest way to build any cool thing that my brain could imagine. When I thought about what I’d want to do for the rest of my life I thought that I just wanted to keep coding.

How should we build the APIs of tomorrow?

A meditation on embracing physics, improving developer experience, and evolving the status quo.

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