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RudderStack: An Open Source Segment Alternative

An Open Source Customer Data Platform built for Developers. Offering Segment API compatibility, multiple hosting options, fixed infrastructure based pricing & powerful real time transformations.

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Simple Anomaly Detection Using Plain SQL

Many developers think that having a critical bug in their code is the worst thing that can happen. Well, there is something much worse than that: Having a critical bug in your code and not knowing about it!

What's so hard about PDF text extraction? ​

There is a common view that extracting text from a PDF document should not be too difficult. After all, the text is right there in front of our eyes and humans consume PDF content all the time with great success. Why would it be difficult to automatically extract the text data?

The case for comments in code

When I first started programming, especially when asked for code samples, my comments lacked purpose and would often duplicate in English what the code clearly indicated. I knew that "commenting is good" but as a beginner I had no further insight.

Evolution of layouts and typesetting in the web

The first website was published in 1990 by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee and now it seems like an eyesore. Early web sites were basic, using vertically structured, text-heavy pages with few graphics. Before the introduction of tables as a web page structure, there were few design components and no way to emulate the layouts of conventional printed texts.

Best practices for using Docker Hub for CI/CD

Before you think about optimizing your CI/CD, it is always important to think about your inner loop and how it relates to the outer loop (the CI). We know that most people aren’t a fan of ‘debugging via the CI’, so it is always better if your inner loop and outer loop are as similar as possible. To this end it can be a good idea to run unit tests as part of your docker build command by adding a target for them in your Dockerfile.

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