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Don’t miss it! “Cultivating a DevOps culture” airs this Wednesday

DevOps has become a must-have for any well-oiled organization...but do you have the culture in place to support it? In this webinar, 3 DevOps experts discuss the impact of culture on your DevOps strategy. They’ll reveal some key organizational changes you can make to accelerate value and keep those DevOps pipelines from getting rusty. Reister today!

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The Grand Unified Theory of Software Architecture

Take Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture and map its correspondences with Gary Bernhardt's thin imperative shell around a functional core, and you get an understanding of how to cheaply maintain and scale software!

Git Crash Course

My goal with this crash course is to get you to the point where you can contribute to a pair or group project effectively. I'm not aiming for you to understand the inner workings of Git, but it's important that I explain enough for you to build a basic mental model.

If not SPAs, What?

A few months ago, I wrote an article about how the SPA pattern has failed to simplify web development. The SPA pattern (Single-Page Apps), I tried to define, was about the React model, which also covers, to a large extent, the model of Vue, Angular, and other frontend frameworks. Like any critique, it begs for a prescription and I didn’t give one, other than gesturing toward server-side frameworks like Rails and Django.

Why does it take so long to build software?

Why does it take so long to build software? We hear variations of this question frequently: Why is building software so expensive? Why is my team delivering software so slowly? Why am I perpetually behind schedule with my software?

What can a pipe wrench teach us about software engineering?

An electrical engineer and professor at MIT, Bush was "one of the most politically powerful inventors in America since Benjamin Franklin," as his biographer G. Pascal Zachary puts it. During WWII, he personified the United State's military research, organized the Manhattan Project, and played a crucial role in the Allied victory. He was also a mentor to Claude Shannon, the father of the information age. One anecdote of Bush's career as an instructor at MIT particularly inspired me: his pipe wrench lecture.

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