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Find A Job Through Vettery

Spend a few minutes today to get tech interviews as early as next week! Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers. Here’s how it works: create a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers at startups to Fortune 500 companies that are growing their dev teams.

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The Surprising Impact of Medium-Size Texts on PostgreSQL Performance

In this article I demonstrate the surprising impact of medium-size texts on query performance in PostgreSQL.

How to put machine learning models into production

The goal of building a machine learning model is to solve a problem, and a machine learning model can only do so when it is in production and actively in use by consumers. As such, model deployment is as important as model building.

Modern-Day Architecture Design Patterns for Software Professionals

In this article, I’m going to talk about some design patterns that can help you achieve the above-mentioned abilities with ease. I’ll be talking about each pattern, how to use that pattern in a cloud-native environment, and when to use it and when not.

Parsing Algorithms

Parsing or syntactic analysis is one of the first stages in designing and implementing a compiler. A well-designed syntax of your programming language is a big motivation why users would prefer and choose exactly your language.

Falsehoods programmers believe about time zones

My aunt has a problem She loves joining Zoom meetings, but they're all hosted in different time zones. It's hard to remember if she should add 4 hours, subtract 3, or what. She's not the most technical person, so google isn't an option. She has to ask for help. Every. Single. Time.