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Simplify your infrastructure and cut your cloud bills in half

Deploy more with Linux virtual machines, global infrastructure, and simple pricing. No surprise invoices, no lock-in, and the same price across 11 global data centers. Industry-leading price-performance. Shared, Dedicated, High Memory, and GPU instances plus S3-Compatible Object Storage, Managed Kubernetes, and more. $100 in cloud infrastructure credit. Try Linode Free.

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Architecture Playbook

Smart people have been thinking on how to create IT architectures as long as there has been computers. Ideas come and go, however creating a good architectures can still be complex and time consuming. Especially when you try to invent the wheel for yourself. With this interactive playbook you can create your IT architecture better and faster.

Problem Solving

Problems like the one I am about to share can be great tools for learning about problem solving. This one's from Project Euler. My intention is not to simply spoil the answer. I want to share my process of figuring it out, with the hope of being able to pinpoint some specific strategies that can be used to solve all kinds of problems.

The Software Rewrite

Software rewrites often fail, so this article discusses how to avoid them. But if the situation has gotten out of hand, how do you decide if a rewrite is warranted? And if it is, how do you improve its chances for success?

5 advanced Git tips to boost your productivity

Git is powerful, and without any doubt, it’s one of the most popular version control systems. There are many Git best practices, and Git tips are there which can help you to save your time. If you work with Git repositories to manage your codes and resources, you might be familiar with the commands that are commonly used.

Technical debt as a lack of understanding

Some time back, I was working on a project where it felt like the timebomb of technical debt was exploding in our faces. We couldn’t refactor the whoositz because of the whatsitz and when we asked about the whatsitz no one knew about the whatsitz and how it exactly worked with the whoositz and there certainly weren’t tests for it. When we notified management they replied, “We’re in a build the plane while flying situation, how can we get this out now without doing a big rewrite?” It was pretty clear how the technical debt had amassed.

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