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Microsurveys: learn from visitors and help them find relevant content on your website

Use surveys to get answers to the questions that matter most. Use surveys to help visitors navigate your website. Use surveys to help you make better business decisions. The possibilities are endless! Every website needs to use on-site surveys. Try Preflect today by creating your first survey in less than five minutes – for free.

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How to Make Your Code Reviewer Fall in Love with You

This article describes best practices for participating in a code review when you’re the author. In fact, by the end of this post, you’re going to be so good at sending out your code for review that your reviewer will literally fall in love with you.

Container orchestration tools explained

The way we write, ship, and maintain software today has evolved drastically in the last few years. How we consume underlying infrastructure to run our software has matured significantly, in that we have seen a transition from bare metal to virtual machines to containers to micro-VMs.

If all you have is a database everything looks like a nail

Databases are fabulous resources. Of course, we’ll abuse them in ways that cause challenges.

Networking Tools Every Developer Needs to Know

Let’s learn the overlooked networking skills like inspecting DNS records, scanning ports, troubleshooting connections or firewalls and much more.

Always leave the code better than you found it

I’ve spent a lot of my time maintaining working code. I think that is more typical of software developers than working in greenfield development. Yes, there are definitely jobs where you are writing more new code than maintaining, upgrading, bug fixing and improving old code (startups without product market fit being one, consulting being another) but in general code is expensive and folks want to run it for a long time.

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