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How do computers remember?

Exploring some of the basics of computer memory: latches, flip flops, and registers!

The case of extra 40 ms

The Netflix application runs on hundreds of smart TVs, streaming sticks and pay TV set top boxes. The role of a Partner Engineer at Netflix is to help device manufacturers launch the Netflix application on their devices. In this article we talk about one particularly difficult issue that blocked the launch of a device in Europe.

To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language

Neuroscientists find that interpreting code activates a general-purpose brain network, but not language-processing centers.

What are SQL Joins? Types of SQL joins explained

What if we had two tables that had different information about the same person, and we wanted to use all of that information to display on that person's invoice? We would need to use a join clause for that.

History of Online Games

Playing games is something completely natural for us as human beings. It’s all in our DNA, in fact… it’s an indivisible part of the whole mammal existence. I bet you’ve seen how the baby lion plays with it’s siblings. Or it’s the mother who’s initiating a fun pretend-chase to engage the cubs in an imaginary hunt for prey.

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