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“A damn stupid thing to do”—the origins of C

In one form or another, C has influenced the shape of almost every programming language developed since the 1980s. Some languages like C++, C#, and objective C are intended to be direct successors to the language, while other languages have merely adopted and adapted C’s syntax. A programmer conversant in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python or Perl will have little difficulty understanding simple C programs, and in that sense, C may be thought of almost as a lingua franca among programmers.

Reviewing code isn’t a binary operation

The two ideas are “writing tests” and “producing high quality code”. And they are usually expressed in something like this: we write tests in order to product high quality code.

How Tail Call Optimization Works

Understanding the non-recursive case of tail call optimization is actually a lot simpler, and if you understand the non-recursive case you realize that there's actually nothing special whatsoever about how TCO is applied to recursive functions.

Developer Progression as a function of navigating complexity

Based on how students reason about complex systems, they were placed in 4 categories in order of increasing sophistication: Completely Clockwork, Somewhat Clockwork, Somewhat Complex and Completely Complex.

IDEA - nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions

IKEA instructions for algorithms and computer science concepts. Including KVICK SÖRT.

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