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The fastest way to build notifications for your app

Courier makes it easy to send notifications from your app – with just a few lines of code. Use one API to reach users over email, SMS, push, Slack, and more. Design notifications in a drag & drop editor. Manage user preferences, set delivery rules, and troubleshoot quickly with robust logs. Send 10,000 notifications every month, for free. Get started today!

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Design Patterns Explained with Food 🥕

Many examples of these patterns as taught online typically avoid incorporating external dependencies like Databases, AMQP queues, external services for things like email and HTTP APIs. While avoiding adding these dependencies to example code makes it easier to demonstrate the core motivation of the design patterns, it also makes it more difficult to imagine real-world scenarios where these patterns might be used. The projects in this repo contain mock versions of these types of dependencies incorporated into various plausible business scenarios. The examples are intended to be lean enough so that the principal benefit of each pattern is evident, but complex enough to avoid oversimplified scenarios.

How to be a sponsor when you're a developer

While it’s true that people who have management responsibilities are uniquely positioned to give promotions and assign impactful work, there are so many ways to be a sponsor that don’t require that kind of explicit power. No matter your role, title, or amount of power, you can be a sponsor to other people today.

How to Become a Better Developer by Asking Questions

Whether you’re studying to become a software developer, you’re in your first day as a junior, or you’re a senior developer in a long-term position, don’t fear asking questions. Seeking knowledge is a good thing. It will help you grow and become a better developer. You’ll more deeply understand your work and absorb ideas and reasoning from those around you.

The Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering

Sustainable Software Engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets, and data center design. The Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering are a core set of competencies needed to define, build, and run sustainable software applications.

The Embedded YouTube Player Told Me What You Were Watching

I finish the cold frozen pizza that I made hours before but forgot to eat, finally write the report, press submit on the Google security bug submission form, and see the classic, Thanks! We received your report. message. That feeling is hard to beat.


Whish skills will help you stand out in 2021?

Take the Developer Economics survey and share your views about the most important coding skills, tools, and technologies that you think will matter in 2021. You will get free resources and data to plan your next career move, plus a chance to win a new smartphone, gaming laptop, licenses, Amazon vouchers, and more. The survey is open until February to developers of all profiles.

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