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One API for multi-channel notifications: Email, SMS, push, chat & more

Courier makes it easy to send notifications from your app – with just a few lines of code. Use one API to reach users over email, SMS, push, Slack, and more. Design notifications in a drag & drop editor. Manage user preferences, set delivery rules, and troubleshoot quickly with robust logs. Send 10,000 notifications every month, for free. Get started today!

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Software development topics I've changed my mind on

After 6 years in the industry. We'll see which of these have flipped or changed at year 10.

Load balancing and its different types

As our application scales to multiple users, we need to start thinking about scaling our servers and applications with it. Load balancing is the activity of effectively distributing traffic load across multiple servers. This is how we achieve highly available applications that help us achieve scaling effectively.

Learning from incidents

Jessica DeVita from Netflix and Nick Stenning from Microsoft have been working on improving how software teams learn from incidents in production. In this article, they share some of what they’ve learned from the research community in this area, and offer some advice on the practical application of this work.

Why the iPhone timer app displays a fake time

While building my event timer app I came across a peculiarity with displaying time and found out that the iPhone timer addresses it by showing us a fake time. By definition, a countdown shows how much time is left. So if the countdown says 5s we assume there are 5 seconds left. But that’s not the whole truth.

Developers spend most of their time figuring the system out

The oldest reference on the topic I know of dates back to 1979 in a book by Zelkowitz, Shaw, and Gannon entitled Principles of software engineering and design. It said that most of the development time was spent on maintenance (67%).


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