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Blazor DataGrid Meets Blazor Report Viewer

Telerik UI for Blazor offers a great way to interact and visualize manipulated data through its Grid component, while Telerik Reporting can communicate data in a unique way. We have brought the two together to demonstrate how you can easily modify the dataset to what you want, and display it in reports. Read on our blog!

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Why is it so hard to see code from 5 minutes ago?

A study found that Java developers backtracked every 6 minutes, meaning they reverted their code to a previous state (e.g., by clicking undo or pressing Ctrl-Z). These undo actions come in bursts and are often followed by successive redo actions. In fact, one participant in a different study used undo/redo 40 times in 5 minutes! When asked why they did this, they revealed they were trying to view some intermediate state of the code in the middle of a change.

Equity for Software Engineers at Big Tech and Startups

A growing number of startups and Big Tech companies offer equity - stocks, options, and others - as part of software engineering compensation. However, I've noticed few engineers understand what these mean.

Reasons why SELECT * is bad for SQL performance

Here’s a list of reasons why SELECT * is bad for SQL performance, assuming that your application doesn’t actually need all the columns. When I write production code, I explicitly specify the columns of interest in the select-list (projection), not only for performance reasons, but also for application reliability reasons. For example, will your application’s data processing code suddenly break when a new column has been added or the column order has changed in a table?

The pros and cons of being a software engineer at a BIG tech company

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (FAANG) are some of the largest tech companies in the world. They can be great to work at for many reasons. If you’re an employee at any of the FAANG companies, you’ll most likely earn a great salary and have access to a robust developer network to learn from. If you don’t work at a FAANG company, you might feel a little left out.

Build tools around workflows, not workflows around tools

For the last few years, I’ve been on a journey to replace all of the essential digital tools I use for organizing my life with tools I develop, maintain, and deploy myself.

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