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Solve complex data onboarding in minutes with Flatfile Portal

Data import is a pain for both users and engineers. Enter Flatfile Portal. It drops in your product with pre-built SDKs, and guides users through an intuitive import experience in minutes. Give your users the import experience you always dreamed of but never had time to build.

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The ultimate guide to writing self-documenting code

Tired of having to write comments in your code? Well stop doing it, write self-documenting code instead.

How to deal with difficult people on software projects

You can explore these Problem Personalities with the interactive infographic.

Why senior engineers hate coding interviews

Imagine that you’re a principal at a small K-8 school who’s looking to hire a new teacher. As you have less than 20 teachers, you have to ensure that each person you hire can teach any of the grades. Adding to the complications, you’ve recently lost one of your best teachers, someone with 15 years of experience, and a mentor to many of the more junior teachers. How can you replace her?

Fontemon: World's first video game in a font!

You read that right! It's a video game in a font! A font as in "Time New Roman". The entire game is enclosed in fontemon.otf, no javascript, no html, all font.

Speeding up SQL queries by orders of magnitude using UNION

SQL is a very powerful tool for querying data. It allows you to write queries against your relational data in a declarative manner, letting you describe what data that you want to retrieve without having to describe how to retrieve it. In most cases, this works very well, and the query optimizer in many database engines will create an efficient query plan.


Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Pay Only If You Get A Job

Transition into cybersecurity, a lucrative and futureproof career where you protect essential systems and data with Springboard's newest bootcamp. Senior cybersecurity analysts earn $116k a year as a national average (Ziprecruiter). With a best in-class curriculum crafted by security experts with decades of experience as hiring managers, Springboard's program will get you the technical skills you need to start your cybersecurity career. Do real-life labs and projects, get the help you need to pass essential cybersecurity certifications such as the Security+, and benefit from 1:1 mentorship from industry experts as well as dedicated career support. With Springboard's deferred tuition option and job guarantee, you can choose to pay your tuition (and nothing more) only when you get a cybersecurity job.

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