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Hiring should be easy! Revelo helps you hire great developers into your team

Get access to qualified and diverse talent from Latin America, looking to work full-time for great companies like yours, while saving time and money by allowing our team to handpick your ideal candidate. Revelo helps you scale your high performance engineering team with great developers that work in the same time zone, same language and same commitment to excellence as your local team.

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Becoming a high-performance software engineer

What does it take to become a high-performance software engineer in a fast-growing startup? The motivation for excelling might sound obvious: the better your performance, the higher your reward. Achieving it is another matter.

How I booked my absolutely cheapest one-month trip ever

In this post, you'll discover how I was able to find the cheapest airfare and car rental for a one-month trip to the American Southwest.

Emoji under the hood

For the past few weeks, I’ve been implementing emoji support for Skija. I thought it might be fun sharing a few nitty-gritty details of how this “biggest innovation in human communication since the invention of the letter 🅰️” works under the hood.

Practical cryptography for developers

Every developer can learn how to use cryptographic algorithms. This book will show you how: with code examples and hands-on coding experience, with less math and more practice.

3 times I used my knowledge of data structures on the job

I hope I can convince you, in the same way I try with my mock interviewees, that the knowledge of data structures is important – yes for acing that technical interview, but moreso to help you a become a better software engineer in practice.

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