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Angel Invest in Small Secure Isolated NanoVMs

NanoVMs, the unikernel infrastructure company that runs software faster and safer than Linux has launched an investing campaign with StartEngine. The company has revenue, 2 issued patents and has raised 2.4M from investor like Initialized Capital and Bloomberg Beta. Now you too can invest and be a part of the future of software infrastructure.

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The beauty of programming

I don’t know how to really explain my fascination with programming, but I’ll try. To somebody who does it, it’s the most interesting thing in the world. It’s a game much more involved than chess, a game where you can make up your own rules and where the end result is whatever you can make of it. And yet, to the outside, it looks like the most boring thing on Earth.


In this article, I will share with you some very useful HTML tips.

Kernels 101 – Let's write a Kernel

Let us write a simple kernel which could be loaded with the GRUB bootloader on an x86 system. This kernel will display a message on the screen and then hang.

OAuth 2.0 flows explained in GIFs

In this post, we will be covering all OAuth 2.0 flows using GIFs that are simple and easier to understand. This post can be used as a cheat-sheet for future reference as well!

The architecture behind a one-person tech startup

As grandiose as the title of this article might sound, I should clarify we’re talking about a low-stress, one-person company that I run from my flat here in Germany. It's fully self-funded, and I really like to take things slow. It's probably not what most people imagine when I say "tech startup".


Developer jobs with relocation assistance

Fancy working abroad? Check out this selection of Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and other programming jobs with relocation packages. All positions listed are open to international applicants. Job locations: Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Japan, etc.

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