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Don’t panic, but your source code is showing!

Protect your app from getting hacked or reverse engineered with DashO, PreEmptive Protection for Android and Java. See why we’ve been the #1 obfuscator for 20+ years. Integration is easy, trials are free, and includes support.

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One letter programming languages

A collection of programming languages named as a single letter. Non-letter-non-digit characters are allowed as well.

Best practices for writing SQL queries

This article covers some best practices for writing SQL queries for data analysts and data scientists. Most of our discussion will concern SQL in general, but we’ll include some notes on features specific to Metabase that make writing SQL a breeze.

5 signs of an immature software developer

It is important to stay grounded when developing software. In your career, your reputation is the most important asset you possess. Avoid communicating to others a lack of mindfulness and immature work habits.

Why vim uses hjkl

Common Explanation: It keeps your fingers on the home row. Historical Explanation: Bill Joy developed vi on the ADM-3A, which didn’t have dedicated arrow keys. If you look at the ADM keyboard, it put the arrow keys on the hjkl keys. So Joy used that same logic for vi, which led to Vim.

Commits are snapshots, not diffs

Git has a reputation for being confusing. Users stumble over terminology and phrasing that misguides their expectations. This is most apparent in commands that “rewrite history” such as git cherry-pick or git rebase. In my experience, the root cause of this confusion is an interpretation of commits as diffs that can be shuffled around. However, commits are snapshots, not diffs!


39 Challenges of Building Mobile Apps at Scale

How are large iOS and Android apps built? The book Building Mobile Apps at Scale helps you overcome the most common challenges. Written by former Uber mobile engineer Gergely Orosz, the book is free for a limited time. Grab your copy now.

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