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A Non-Tech Explanation of Containers and Kubernetes

Through this simple analogy by 451 Research, get a better understanding of virtualization, containers, and Kubernetes. Learn the differences between these big topics and the role of each in a multicloud future.

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I could build this during the weekend

Every time people buy a new house, car, or TV, they say lovely things first. It's the honeymoon phase. Then, they realize their expensive, fancy stuff has flaws too. Engineers tend to take it one step further. We enter solution mode and start thinking about solutions for those flaws and how we'd design those items. We are so intelligent. We'd make it better, wouldn't we?

What are EXE files made of?

Almost everyone has opened an EXE file in a text editor and been mystified by the apparent nonsense. How does a computer make sense of it? Let’s uncover the illusion.

How we achieved write speeds of 1.4 million rows per second

We studied existing approaches, and most came at a performance cost that we weren't happy with. Like the entirety of our codebase, the solution that we present today is built from scratch. It took over 9 months to come to fruition and adds a further 65k lines of code to the project.

The mortifying ordeal of pairing all day

I had to confront a lot of my fears about myself, sometimes every day. I had to learn to show someone else all the things I didn’t know, my limitations as a human and a software engineer.

Building a more intuitive and streamlined search experience

In this blog post, we’ll detail our journey of rebuilding search, explain how we prioritized both the member and engineer experience, and share what we learned along the way. Our challenge as an engineering team was how to rethink our search infrastructure in a way that would enable our members to better connect with the opportunities, resources, and communities on LinkedIn, while also empowering our team internally by removing the roadblocks that sprung up as we grew to nearly 740 million members.

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