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Free eBook: Understanding Terraform

This ebook and audiobook will help you understand the underlying concepts of this infrastructure as a code tool and how it can be a significant resource when your cloud infrastructure hits critical mass. This content is available as an instant download with no registration required. Download Now

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What I learned from software engineering at Google

When I first picked up Software Engineering at Google I thought it was another one of those FAANG books full of lessons that make no sense at human scale. I was surprised, the lessons apply to teams as small as 5.

Rethinking software testing: Perspectives from the world of hardware

The hardware and software worlds may seem poles apart, and in many ways, they indeed are. But there’s a wealth of knowledge that each can learn from the other. Despite the seemingly massive differences in the final product, they share more in common than you might expect.

GitHub Copilot: First impressions

I’ve been lucky enough to use it for the past few weeks and so far has proven quite useful, having earned a place in my toolbox despite its rough edges. I also feel it signals a coming change in how we develop and reason about systems, a change which will allow us to go up a few layers of abstraction in the coming decades.

What is the sorting algorithm behind ORDER BY query in MySQL?

Since the last couple of weeks, I have been working on MySQL more closely. MySQL is a brilliant piece of software. I remember reading about all the sorting algorithms in college so I was curious to know which algorithm MySQL uses and how ORDER BY query works internally in such an efficient manner.

No, we don’t use Kubernetes

At Ably, we run a large scale production infrastructure that powers our customers’ real-time messaging applications around the world. Like in most tech companies, this infrastructure is largely software-based; also like in most tech companies, much of that software is deployed and runs in Docker containers.