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Use spreadsheets everywhere!

Spreadsheets, they’re everywhere. Following closely behind email and word processor documents, spreadsheets are possibly the most ubiquitous tool for knowledge workers.

6 command line tools for productive programmers

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more things at the command line. I’m not a hard-core terminal guy – I use VSCode more than Vim – but I’m always surprised at the number of complex tasks that can be done using just the POSIX standard command-line tools like grep, cat and sort.

When you get right down to it, most security is based on honor system

Here’s a scene straight from television. Two characters are at a computer terminal when suddenly intrusion warnings flare up. “No way — I’m getting hacked! They’ve already burned through the NCIS public firewall.”

Visualizing a codebase

How can we “fingerprint” a codebase to see its structure at a glance? Let’s explore ways to automatically visualize a GitHub repo, and how that could be useful.

Will deep understanding still be valuable?

In short: It looks to me like AI-assisted software development is just getting started, and will probably become a very big thing. And, it feels to me like yet another step toward shallow understanding in our field.