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Try Project Management Without All the Management

Most project management tools are either too simple for a growing engineering team or too complex for anyone to want to use them. Whether you're a startup that iterates quickly by providing every engineer with a free pallet of Red Bull, or a large org that has strict ship dates to hit, delight even the grumpiest scrum masters and give it a try for free.

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I blew $720 on 100 notebooks from Alibaba and started a paper website business

I started a business that lets you build websites using pen & paper. In the process I went viral on Twitter, made $1,000 in two days, and blew $720 on 100 paper notebooks from Alibaba.

3 lines of code shouldn’t take all day

The goal of this post is to help remind you to reflect on your current development process. Is there some piece of your pipeline taking longer than it needs to? Is there a way to create some debug tools that makes it easier to test a change? Would unit testing bring benefits, but you keep avoiding it because you think there’s a big upfront cost to it?

Software engineering idioms you should know

I have been working as a software engineer for just over five years. Every now and then I encounter a phrase used to describe something during an engineering discussion, where its meaning is not obvious from the words themselves. These kinds of phrases are known as idioms - expressions that have a non-literal meaning attached to the phrase. “Break a leg” is a well-known idiom to wish a person good luck.

HTTP/3 is fast

Wait, wait, wait, what happened to HTTP/2? Wasn’t that all the rage only a few short years ago? It sure was, but there were some problems. To address them, there’s a new version of the venerable protocol working its way through the standards track.

When is a scrape a breach?

A decade and a bit ago during my tenure at Pfizer, a colleague's laptop containing information about customers, healthcare providers and other vendors was stolen from their car. The machine had full disk encryption and it's not known whether the thief was ever actually able to access the data. It's not clear if the car was locked or not. Is this a data breach?


Log4j memes

If you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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