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Try Project Management Without All the Management

Most project management tools are either too simple for a growing engineering team or too complex for anyone to want to use them. Whether you're a startup that iterates quickly by providing every engineer with a free pallet of Red Bull, or a large org that has strict ship dates to hit, delight even the grumpiest scrum masters and give it a try for free.

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The evolution of how we host our applications

How did the container become so ubiquitous in application hosting? Most people know that they're used to run an application, but can't a virtual machine also do that? Why did we ever move away from hosting our applications on a physical server ourselves? Let's explore how we have previously hosted our applications, and why we transcended into containerised software!

How to use dig

When I first started using dig I found it a bit intimidating – there are so many options! I’m going to leave out most of dig’s options in this post and just talk about the ones I actually use.

Processing billions of events in real time at Twitter

At Twitter, we process approximately 400 billion events in real time and generate petabyte (PB) scale data every day. There are various event sources we consume data from, and they are produced in different platforms and storage systems, such as Hadoop, Vertica, Manhattan distributed databases, Kafka, Twitter Eventbus, GCS, BigQuery, and PubSub.

Vision AI hardware for software developers

Vision AI used to be something only specialized shops could add to projects. Now it's accessible to any software developer out there.

Don’t start with microservices – monoliths are your friend

Microservices are getting natural and we almost feel like we’ve been always living in the world of microservices. Lately when I talked to other developers and asked how they would start a greenfield project, almost certainly the answer was, well, one microservice for this, another one for this, another one for user management, one more for authentication, another for authorization, one more for session management, and the list could go on.

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