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Free Red Team Security Course

This course aims to teach infosec and cybersecurity professionals the various red team techniques that can be used to attack and determine vulnerabilities in their organization’s security. This course is free and available on-demand. Start today and learn at your own pace.

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The painfully shy developer's guide to networking for a better job

Look, I get it. A bunch of web developers, recruiters, and vendors standing around in a room eating pizza or drinking beer and making small talk might sound like complete and utter death for you. There may be a million things you'd rather be doing. "Uhh, don't I have a dentist appointment that day? At least then I won't have to talk."

Everything you need to know about monorepos, and the tools to build them

Monorepos are hot right now, especially among Web developers. We created this resource to help developers understand what monorepos are, what benefitsthey can bring, and the tools available to make monorepo development delightful.

5 things you don't need Javascript for

Javascript can do a lot, but it's really over-used. HTML and CSS are surprisingly powerful on their own, so let's have a look at some of the things you can achieve without Javascript (or a backend) - from animated diagrams to dark mode.

The fastest GIF does not exist

If you're here because you want to fix your GIF and want the quick answer, the solution is: set your frame delay to 20ms instead of 10ms. If you want to learn a bit more about GIFs, exactly why this edge case happens, and some thoughts on how to improve things, keep reading!

How to create technical conceptual diagrams

If you are a front-end developer and visual learner who is interested in learning what goes into making conceptual diagrams, then this article is for you.


Do the best work of your career with Reforge - don’t miss the Spring cohort, begins March 21

Reforge is where top engineering talent comes to scale. Membership combines cohort-based programs with year-round access to content, a community of vetted peers, and much more. This spring, you can apply to take Engineering Management, Technical Strategy, or Scaling Product Delivery - each developed by leaders from top tech companies. The application takes just 3 minutes; apply today.

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