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Write your cleanest code ever with these free tools

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Benefits of simple software architectures

Wave is a $1.7B company with 70 engineers whose product is a CRUD app that adds and subtracts numbers. In keeping with this, our architecture is a standard CRUD app architecture, a Python monolith on top of Postgres. Starting with a simple architecture and solving problems in simple ways where possible has allowed us to scale to this size while engineers mostly focus on work that delivers value to users.

Regexes are cool and good

Where regex really shines is in interactive use. When you’re trying to substitute in a single file you have open, or grep a folder, things like that. Readability doesn’t matter because you’re writing a one-off throwaway, and fragility is fine because you’re a human-in-the-loop. If anything goes wrong you will see that and tweak the regex.

One way smart developers make bad strategic decisions

A small team of developers at a mid-sized SaaS company has a problem. They own several services that do some data loading and transforming. And the services are under increased load because a new customer (Customer-A) is generating many times the amount of data that most customers do.

The code review pyramid

When it comes to code reviews, it’s a common phenomenon that there is much focus and long-winded discussions around mundane aspects like code formatting and style, whereas important aspects (does the code change do what it is supposed to do, is it performant, is it backwards-compatible for existing clients, and many others) tend to get less attention.

Consul and chaos engineering

Learn more about how HashiCorp Consul can help improve application resiliency, and how to test whether it’s working with chaos engineering.


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