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SavvyCal — Scheduling Software Everyone Will Love

Give your schedulers a calendar, not a list of time slots. Allow recipients to overlay their calendar on top of yours to easily find mutual availability. Connect all your calendars (Google, Outlook, and iCloud all available) and integrate your favorite tools with Zapier.

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Migrations done well: Executing migrations

Migrations are risky and when they go wrong, they can cause all kinds of significant damage. However, if you do some groundwork before starting the migration, you’ll reduce risk, gain confidence and understand the scope of the migration better.

Contributing to complex projects

As a frequent open source maintainer and contributor, I’m often asked: where do you start? How do you approach a new project with the goal of making meaningful changes? How can you possibly understand the internals of a complex project?

Why don't you use ...

Working for a famous tech company, I get asked a lot "Why don't you use technology X?" X may be an application, programming language, operating system, hypervisor, processor, or tool.

Fun things you can do with github.dev

GitHub recently released github.dev, which allows you to press . on any repo in order to open it in VS Code, directly from your browser (🤯). This simple gesture can provide you with a significant productivity boost for reading, editing, and sharing code on GitHub. Including from an iPad!

Postgres Auditing in 150 lines of SQL

Data auditing is a system that tracks changes to tables' contents over time. PostgreSQL has a robust set of features which we can leverage to create a generic auditing solution in 150 lines of SQL.

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