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FusionAuth is the authentication and authorization platform built for devs, by devs

It has all the features you need with great support and a price that won't break the bank. And you can either self host FusionAuth or get a fully managed solution hosted in any AWS region. Do you have a side project that needs custom login & registration, Multi-factor authentication, Social Logins, or User Management? Download FusionAuth Community Edition for free! The best part is you get unlimited users and there's no credit card or subscription required.

this week's favorite

Please put units in names

There is one code readability trap that is easy to avoid once you are aware of it, yet the trap is pervasive: omitting units.

Zen and the art of reliability

Zendesk handles approximately 250,000 requests per second at daily peak into our infrastructure, with over ½ of those requests needing to read or write to a database. At our core we’re a humble Ruby on Rails application that is partitioned and heavily sharded. Our infrastructure was simple 10 years ago — Nginx with a Ruby backend and a single MySQL database.

I built a receipt printer for GitHub issues

I've been occasionally writing new issues down on sticky notes whenever I see a notification for an issue, but I always wanted an excuse to streamline the process a bit more. After seeing a receipt printer spitting out orders while grabbing some take-out the other day, I wondered if I could use one to print out a ticket each time an issue was added to one of my repos.

On building scalable systems

In software engineering, scalability is the idea that a system should be able to handle an increase in workload by employing more computing resources without significant changes to its design.

The weird world of non-C operating systems

Believe it or not, not everything is based on C. There are current, shipping, commercial OSes written before C was invented, and now others in both newer and older languages that don't involve C at any level or layer.

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