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Team-based authentication for B2B SaaS

PropelAuth provides end-to-end managed user authentication and lets your users manage their own accounts and teams. We provide frontend and backend libraries where organizations are a first class concept, and we handle everything you need for authentication.

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Inside the longest Atlassian outage of all time

Hundreds of companies have no access to JIRA, Confluence and OpsGenie. What can engineering teams learn from the poor handling of this outage?

Picture perfect images with the modern element

You may not think about images as part of your web dev work, but they can affect your web app's performance more than any other part of your code.

Wordle is NP-hard

Wordle is a single player word-guessing game where the goal is to discover a secret word w that has been chosen from a dictionary D. In order to discover w, the player can make at most ℓ guesses, which must also be words from D, all words in D having the same length k.

How to build an evil compiler

Did you know there is a type of compiler backdoor attack that is impossible to defend against? In this post I’ll show you how to implement such an attack in less than 100 lines of code.

A tale of yak shaving: Accidentally making a language, for an engine, for a game

There's an old mantra in game development: "Don't make a game engine, make a game." - Confucius, 1337 A.D.

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