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SSH configuration: ssh_config

ssh_config is an often underutilized, yet powerful tool to minimize failures and prevent carpal tunnel. This article by Teleport takes a look at a few useful ways to modify your ssh_config file to achieve a greater degree of security and control, making it even easier to connect to remote machines around the world. Learn more.

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The overengineered Solution to my Pigeon Problem

I built a wifi-equipped water gun to shoot the pigeons on my balcony, controlled over the internet by a python script running openCV reading the camera image of my old iPhone.

Why You Should Care About Software Architecture

Software developers are often distrustful of architecture practices, and are leaning toward avoiding conscious architecture-focused activities in favor of architectural designs emerging from self-organizing teams.

A dev's thoughts on developer productivity

Why don’t we hear more developer voices in the conversation about “developer productivity”? Most self-styled experts on developer productivity seem more interested in selling something rather than painting an accurate picture of how devs really work. Perhaps as a consequence, we’re swimming in acronyms, magic metrics, and methodologies, but not a lot of rigorous systems thinking.

How to feel engaged at work: a software engineer's guide

It's another day at work. You clock in. You work on your JIRA tickets. You clock out. And at the end of the day, you get a vague sense of dissatisfaction.

Continuous Load Testing

Building load test infrastructure is tricky and poses many questions. How can we identify performance regressions in newly deployed builds, given the overhead of spinning up test clients? To gather the most representative results, should we load test at our peak hours or when there’s a lull? How do we incentivize engineers to invest time in load testing, especially when environment setup is time consuming? We realized that the solution to many of our problems was simple: load test all the time.

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