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Breaking Down JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) - Free eBook

We've been talking with developers about JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and the questions that usually come up are around how to secure them, pros and cons, and how to revoke JWTs. Here are the answers to all of your burning JWT questions. Download the eBook today!

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Learnings from 5 years of tech startup code audits

While I was at PKC, our team did upwards of twenty code audits, many of them for startups that were just around their Series A or B (that was usually when they had cash and realized that it’d be good to take a deeper look at their security, after the do-or-die focus on product market fit).

How we deploy to production over 100 times a day

Our success relies on us rapidly shipping new features to customers. This tight feedback loop helps us quickly validate our ideas. We can double down on the ideas that are working, and fail fast if we need to.

On rebooting: the unreasonable effectiveness of turning computers off and on again

Turn a misbehaving computer off and on, or stop a misbehaving program and then start it again. Often, the problem goes away. Most users don’t think hard about this, and just accept it as just another inscrutable fact about computers.

The mindless tyranny of 'what if it changes?' as a software design principle

"What if it changes?" isn't just a question. It's a powerful heuristic for software design that can be used to justify almost anything. Everyone should use it more. It's great precisely because it's rooted in pure speculation. Once you've freed yourself from the baggage of reality, there's nothing easier than inventing scenarios where your special code will be useful under the new imaginary future conditions. If you encounter any pushback against your defensive layer cake of abstraction, interfaces, or ham-fisted design patterns, don't fret – they can't actually prove that the future you predict won't happen. That's the magic of the design rationale: the only way to fight speculation is with further speculation. You're both making the same gamble.

How do Video Games Stay in Sync?

Have you ever wondered how real-time games can keep multiple clients in sync even when there are large latencies between users? How can you see other players reacting to your actions near instantly, in spite of the fact that the communication between your computer and the server is not instant?


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