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Build internal tools 10x faster with Retool

Retool helps developers build internal software faster. Read and write back to any database or API, and quickly assemble apps with 100+ pre-built components. Then, customize your apps using JavaScript as and when you need, and ship your app with access controls - all in 1/10th the time.

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Programming in the Apocalypse

Growing up, I was obsessed with space. Like many tech workers, I consumed everything I could find about space and space travel. Young me was convinced we were on the verge of space travel, imagining I would live to see colonies on Mars and beyond. The first serious issue I encountered with my dreams of teleporters and warp travel was the disappointing results of the SETI program. Where was everyone?

A guide to getting started with embedded systems

Computers are super intriguing to me. My interactions with them professionally and personally have defined most of my life. I am interested in everything about them from hardware to software and whatever is in between. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to kick off working on electronics and embedded systems again.

How fast are Linux pipes anyway?

In this post, we will explore how Unix pipes are implemented in Linux by iteratively optimizing a test program that writes and reads data through a pipe.

Approaches to implementing multi-tenancy in SaaS applications

The SaaS architecture checklist is a series of articles that cover the software and deployment considerations for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. This article discusses architectural approaches for separating and isolating SaaS tenants to provide multi-tenancy, the provisioning of services to multiple clients in different organizations. For the approaches, the type and level of isolation provided are compared, along with their tradeoffs.

Simple software things that are actually very complicated

I've previously blogged about the unexpected complications of minor features, which covers how adding a seemingly small software change can turn out to be much more difficult than anticipated. There's also a related phenomenon in the software world: complex and sophisticated pieces of software that are so robust and easy-to-use, that they create an impression of being simple.

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