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Fix washed colours with Dell U2414H

What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career as a Software Developer

Developing and stuff: Disable dangerous rake tasks in production

Aurelia - new javascript client by Rob Eisenberg

Popularity-driven development

Becoming An Engineering Manager

Enumerator with index

GET the NeXTSTEP of iOS on Rails

Our Experience with Golang

Changing perspectives on your job - Will you renew your boss for another season?

Pronto - code analysis tool for rails

What Development & Test Managers do in Agile Organizations

Ruby Exceptions Equality

New string features in ECMAScript 6

Non-Message Flash in Rails

How to use ActiveModel errors details

How to upgrade to Rails 4.2

ActiveRecord SQLServer v4.2.0 - Code Name Kantishna

Prometheus: Monitoring at SoundCloud

A Doomed Journey in the Arctic

Comcast - simulating network connectuon issues

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