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#421 – May 24, 2021


Learn how to structure your remote hiring process

A new era of remote work suddenly arrived and managers need to enhance their recruiting process if they want to win the best talent for their companies. This guide shows you how GitLab, Zapier and other companies build thriving remote teams. Download Revelo’s free eBook.

this week's favorite

A teenager's guide to avoiding actual work

How in 1982, the author successfully hacked his way out of having to fill in potholes.

Concurrency vs. Parallelism

The terms concurrency and parallelism are often used in relation to multithreaded programs. At first it may seem as if concurrency and parallelism may be referring to the same concepts. However, concurrency and parallelism actually have different meanings. In this concurrency vs. parallelism tutorial I will explain what these concepts mean.

Text editing hates you too

Back in 2017, I was building a rich text editor in the browser. Unsatisfied with existing libraries that used ContentEditable, I thought to myself "hey, I'll just reimplement text selection myself! How difficult could it possibly be?" I was young. Naive. I estimated it would take two weeks. In reality, attempting to solve this problem would consume several years of my life, and even landed me a full time job for a year implementing text editing for a new operating system.

“I could rewrite curl”

Collected quotes and snippets from people publicly sneezing off or belittling what curl is, explaining how easy it would be to make a replacement in no time with no effort or generally not being very helpful.

In search for a perfect access control system

Every cloud has its own identity and access management system. AWS and Google use a bunch of JSON files specifying various rules. Open source projects like Kubernetes support three concurrent access control models - attribute-based, role-based and a webhook access control, all expressed using YAML. Some teams are going as far as inventing their own programming language to solve this evergreen problem.


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