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#422 – May 31, 2021


Easily track deliveries, failures and performance of your transactional emails through Amazon SES or Mailgun

Engage connects to your Mailgun and Amazon SES account for detailed analytics and reporting of deliveries, bounces, complaints, opens and clicks of your transactional emails.

this week's favorite

Have you ever hurt yourself from your own code?

About a year ago I had several thousand WAV audio files that I generated. I was going through them and trying to label/categorize them into folders, creating metadata, etc. While doing so, I listened to a few of them, and to my dismay there was quite a bit of silence in the beginning. This is very annoying especially when you are listening to many audio files in a row and there is a long pause before the next one starts playing. Great. Even more work for me.

😈 Doom Captcha

Only on desktop mode if you click start and write the cheat code IDDQD you can complete the captcha too.

A primer on containers

On core technologies, the engineering needs they’re best suited to serve, and possibilities for the containerized future.

SQL query optimization: Understanding key principle

This guide is intended to help you gain a true understanding of SQL query speeds. It includes research that demonstrates the speed of slow and fast query types. If you work with SQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, or others similar, this knowledge is a must.

Cryptography from the ground up

One of the most interesting and useful things computers can do for us is cryptography. We can hide messages, validate identities, and even build entire trustless distributed systems. Cryptography not only defines our modern world, but is a big part of how we will build the world of the future.


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