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#423 – June 07, 2021


Software Engineering Bootcamp with Guaranteed Job

Springboard's Software Engineering Career Track is the proven way to take your React.js skills and upskill towards a meaningful software engineering career. With 1:1 mentorship from senior engineers, a curriculum built in collaboration with renowned instructor Colt Steele and crafted with insights from hiring managers, and dedicated career support, you'll get a new software engineering job – or your money back. Springboard graduates see an average salary increase of $26,000/year.

this week's favorite

Leaky abstractions

In the late 1990s, the Windows Shell and Internet Explorer teams introduced a lot of brilliant and intricate designs that allowed intricate extension of the shell and the browser to handle scenarios beyond what those built by Microsoft itself. For instance, Internet Explorer supported the notion of pluggable protocols (“What if some protocol, say, FTPS becomes as important as HTTP?”) and the Windows Shell offered an extremely flexible set of abstract browsing of namespaces, enabling third parties to build browsable “folders” not backed by the file system– everything from WebDAV (“your HTTP-server is a folder“) to CAB Folders (“your CAB archive is a folder“).

Did I break you? Reverse dependency verification

SoundCloud's experience with Golden Paths and how they enable automation through automatic library upgrading through hundreds of repositories.

Your email validation logic is wrong

I'm sorry. I know you thought that validating an email address is simple, but I'm afraid that you're wrong here. It's a bit more complicated than you think. Quite a bit, actually.

How software gets color wrong

Most software around us today are decent at accurately displaying colors. Processing of colors is another story unfortunately, and is often done badly.

5 developer tools for detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities

We all know the importance of developing with customer, reliability, or security mindsets. In reality, acquiring a mindset in an area requires time and effort, and most importantly, being exposed to the type of work that will help build it.


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