#424 An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding


Machine learning for voice made easy

Why doesn’t more software use voice? Machine learning for voice is hard, and existing solutions are clunky and rigid. So we open-sourced libraries for Node, Python, Android, iOS, & React Native, and built a no-code web tool to make custom wake words, speech recognizers, and AI voices—for all devs!

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An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding

For varying levels of seniority, from senior, to staff, and beyond.

How to organize your code?

What is the most popular style of arranging code you have come across in enterprise codebases? The one I have seen most often groups all classes (assuming Java-land) by the layer in the tech stack. So in an MVC style system, all controllers are together, all services are together, all repositories are together, all POJOs are together etc. Let’s call this convention the “stack” style of organizing code.

Clever vs insightful code

“Don’t write clever code.” Why not? “Because it’s hard to understand.” People who say this think of clever code such as Duff’s Device.

Fastly: Summary of June 8 outage

We experienced a global outage due to an undiscovered software bug that surfaced on June 8 when it was triggered by a valid customer configuration change. We detected the disruption within one minute, then identified and isolated the cause, and disabled the configuration. Within 49 minutes, 95% of our network was operating as normal.

Always be quitting

A good philosophy to live by at work is to “always be quitting”. No, don’t be constantly thinking of leaving your job 😱. But act as if you might leave on short notice 😎. Counterintuitively, this will make you a better engineer and open up growth opportunities. A thread 👇.


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