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#425 – June 21, 2021

this week's favorite

Disasters I've seen in a microservices world

When Martin Fowler's post about microservices came out in 2014, the teams where I worked were already building service-oriented architectures. That post and the subsequent hype made their way into almost every software team in the world. The "Netflix OSS stack" was the coolest thing back then, allowing engineers worldwide to leverage Netflix's lessons in distributed systems. More than six years later, if we look into software engineering jobs right now, most of them talk about a microservices' architecture.

An unbelievable demo

This is the story of the most unbelievable demo I've been given in world of open source. You can't make this stuff up.

How to become a bad developer

What you will see next is a highly subjective, non-exhaustive unordered list of principles that, if you follow, I can guarantee will lead you to become a bad developer. I say “principles” because I am not interested in technicalities (e.g. choose bad variable names, never comment your code, etc), once they are a sub-product of the guidelines you follow.

Bear plus snowflake equals polar bear

Quick, how many bytes make up the following line? No tricks, I promise.

Useful and useless code comments

The argument against comments like these is that they are “at the same level of detail” as the code itself. The code is clear in its intention, therefore the comments are redundant.


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