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this week's favorite

Announcing: Running Ruby on Rails on IIS8 (or anything else, really) with the new HttpPlatformHandler

Hello HTTP/2, Goodbye SPDY

Rules Engines Provide More Power to SMEs

Controlling Sonic Pi From Vim (or Anywhere Else)

Sonic Pi Vim

Pairing with Junior Developers

HubPress | A web application to build your Blog on GitHub

Introducing Sandi Metz's TRUE

Side projects

Vinted Architecture: Keeping a busy portal stable by deploying several hundred times per day

Pretty Backtrace

Traveling Ruby 20150210: smaller, supports Ruby 2.2, Windows

The Parable of the Two Programmers


Creating Ruby with Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) recorded LIVE in Japan

Why attr_accessor is 3x faster than getters and setters, and 8x faster than define_method

How to Set Up Your Company's Apprenticeship

JavaScript Has Won: Run Flash with Mozilla Shumway and Develop Silverlight in JS with Fayde

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