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#429 – July 19, 2021


Low code for Developers

Build APIs and integrations faster. We’ve found a new sweet spot between power and ease of use that might just save you a lot of time. Try it.

this week's favorite

How to improve your website’s uptime from 9 5’s to 5 9’s

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how traffic to Reddit’s search infrastructure is reminiscent of The Three Stooges’ doorway sketch, and we’ll outline our approach to remediate these request patterns. We’ll walk through our methodology step-by-step, and we hope that you’ll use it to make your own microservice boundary doorways more resilient to rowdy slapstick traffic.

How WhatsApp enables multi-device capability

For years, people have been asking us to create a true multi-device experience that allows people to use WhatsApp on other devices without requiring a smartphone connection.

How they SRE

How They SRE is a curated knowledge repository of best practices, tools, techniques, and culture of SRE adopted by the leading technology or tech-savvy organizations.

Give me /events, not webhooks

Webhooks are a supplement to many APIs. With a webhook system in place, System B can register to receive notifications about certain changes to System A. When a change occurs, System A pushes the change to System B, usually in the form of making an HTTP POST request.

Test like you fly

In contrast to all the other important test methodologies, "Test Like You Fly", or TLYF for short, emphasizes testing to find fundamental flaws in a system that will prevent it from performing the mission. Most testing methodologies strive to confirm that requirements - the input to our designs - are being met by the system as written.


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