#436 Operations is not Developer IT


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Operations is not Developer IT

The number of times in my career I have been asked a variation on "why doesn't my application work" is shocking. When you meet up with Operations people for drinks, you'll hear endless variations on it. Application teams attempting to assign ownership of a bug to a networking team because they didn't account for timeouts. Infrastructure teams being paged in the middle of the night because an application suddenly logs 10x what it did before and there are disk space issues. But to me nothing beats the developer who pings me being like "I'm getting an error message in testing from my application and I'd like you to take a look".

If software engineering is in demand, why is it so hard to get a software engineering job?

Instead of providing a cliche response about the difference between developers and engineers, this legend pokes fun at the entire interviewing process. If you expand the other threads in this post, you will see a few arguments about whether or not the software engineer interviewing process is flawed.

Reverse engineering software licensing from early-2000s abandonware

This series concerns a software licensing system used in a proprietary software application from circa 2004. The software was available in an unregistered trial mode with limited functionality. A free licence could be obtained by registering online with the software vendor. The software became abandonware circa 2009 when it ceased to be offered, and while the software binary has been archived, to date there has been no effort to restore the functionality once available with a free licence.

Game engines on Steam: The definitive breakdown

Have you ever wondered which game engines are most popular on the world's biggest game platform? Lars Doucet got his hands on data to find out how the game engine race is panning out on Steam.

GitHub copilot generated insecure code in 40% of circumstances during experiment

Researchers published a scholarly paper examining the security implications of GitHub Copilot, an excellent AI system now being used for code completion in Visual Studio Code. In various scenarios, some 40 percent of tested projects were found to include security vulnerabilities


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