#437 Writing well-documented code


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Writing well-documented code

Who doesn’t like well-documented code? I greatly appreciate when the author of the code I’m reading took his/her time to explain it.

Caches, modes, and unstable systems

Is your system having scaling trouble? A bit too slow? Sending too much traffic to the database? Add a caching layer! After all, caches are a best practice and a standard way to build systems. What trouble could following a best practice cause?

Decision making at Netflix

This introduction is the first in a multi-part series on how Netflix uses A/B tests to make decisions that continuously improve our products, so we can deliver more joy and satisfaction to our members. Subsequent posts will cover the basic statistical concepts underpinning A/B tests, the role of experimentation across Netflix, how Netflix has invested in infrastructure to support and scale experimentation, and the importance of the culture of experimentation within Netflix.

Ship / Show / Ask

Ship/Show/Ask is a branching strategy that combines the features of Pull Requests with the ability to keep shipping changes. Changes are categorized as either Ship (merge into mainline without review), Show (open a pull request for review, but merge into mainline immediately), or Ask (open a pull request for discussion before merging).

What they don’t tell you when you translate your app

Forget inverting binary trees, translating or localizing a digital experience is one of the most difficult things you can do with software.


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