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#439 – September 27, 2021


What if Your Project Management Tool Was Fast and Intuitive? Try Shortcut

Imagine how much more you could get done if your project management software didn't make you want to throw your computer out a window. Shortcut is project management built for software teams and we're fast, intuitive, flexible, powerful, and many other, positive adjectives. Delight the grumpiest scrum masters sign up for free.

this week's favorite

What makes a good changelog

These days, there are a ton of great tools to automatically generate and publish changelogs. While it might seem to make things easier, automating everything is not always the answer. After all, changelogs are made for humans, not machines.

The psychology of pair programming

Behaviours and skills exhibited by the very best pair programmers.

Practical API design at Netflix

When we process a request it is often beneficial to know which fields the caller is interested in and which ones they ignore. Some response fields can be expensive to compute, some fields can require remote calls to other services. Remote calls are never free; they impose extra latency, increase probability of an error, and consume network bandwidth.

Reading code is a skill

I'm inspired to write this post because Someone Is Wrong On The Internet. Of course a more accurate statement would be "I disagree with some aspects of what someone on the internet said, even though they have an entirely valid point of view". But that's less catchy.

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A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans.


Building Mobile Apps at Scale: 39 Engineering Challenges

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