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How "../sms" could bypass Authy 2 Factor Authentication

Using the ES6 transpiler Babel on Node.js

Taming the asynchronous beast with ES7

Tragedies of the Remote Worker: "Looks like you're the only one on the call"

Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome With Automated Onboarding

Programmer Passion Considered Harmful

A Fast, Minimal Memory, Consistent Hash Algorithm (PDF)

Deploy without downtime

Tracking down unused templates

This Is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like

How do I know whether my Rails app is thread-safe or not?

12 Years Later — What I’ve learned about being a software engineer

How to handle big repositories with git

Build and test a blazing fast JSON API with Phoenix, an Elixir framework

The difference between commitment and technique

Understanding Rack Apps and Middleware

How Rails sessions work

How Does Symbol#to_proc Work?

Tired of conditionals? State pattern could help

Introducing the tco_method gem

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