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#480 – July 11, 2022


Kubernetes API Access Security Hardening

In a Kubernetes cluster, Control Plane controls Nodes, Nodes control Pods, Pods control containers, and containers control applications. But what controls the Control Plane? This article by Teleport focuses on recipes and best practices concerning API access control hardening in the Kubernetes cluster.

this week's favorite

Holograms, light-leaks and how to build CSS-only shaders

I might be understating it a bit, but WebGL is a big deal. You only need to spend five minutes on one of the many design awards sites to see site-after-site fully leaning into the power of canvas. Tools like threejs bring the power of 3D and GLSL shaders to the browser and, with that, a whole new level of visual effects.

Why DRY is the most over-rated programming principle

I figured I'd kick off my new blog with the most click baity thing I could think of. I suspect any developer reading this is aware of the DRY principle because it is just so ubiquitous. If not though, you just need to know that it stands for "Don't Repeat Yourself" and is generally invoked when advising people to not copy and paste snippets of code all over the place and instead consolidate logic into a central place.

Code bloat has become astronomical

There is a service I use that occasionally means I have to upload some files somewhere (who it is does not matter, as frankly they are all the same). This is basically a simple case of pointing at a folder on my hard drive and copying the contents onto a remote server, where they probably do some database related stuff to assign that bunch of files a name, and verify who downloads it.

How one idiot hired a couple more idiots

A long time ago, I performed technical interviews on a regular basis — I was recruiting candidates for the position of a programmer in a company. I had a simple, clear, and smart recruitment plan (I did not invent it though). First, folks had a long interview where they answered a bunch of questions. Then they did some programming tasks. They were coding on a piece of paper — just like we did it at the university.

Random Mosaic – Detecting unauthorized physical access with beans, lentils and colored rice

The history of mankind is also a history of secrets, attacks and defense of the confidential. Steganography, cryptography and technical tools support us in protecting the private. The antagonists of confidentiality operate - depending on the actor - outside or inside legal frameworks, often adapting them with bogus arguments.


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