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#481 – July 18, 2022


Kubernetes API Access Security Hardening

In a Kubernetes cluster, Control Plane controls Nodes, Nodes control Pods, Pods control containers, and containers control applications. But what controls the Control Plane? This article by Teleport focuses on recipes and best practices concerning API access control hardening in the Kubernetes cluster.

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What Makes a Senior Engineer? Writing Software vs Building Systems

Junior Engineers care about writing Software. They value code quality, employ best practices, try to adopt cutting-edge technologies. They invest a lot of time into learning new technologies. To them, the ultimate goal is to create elegant, performant, maintainable software.

How We Built Infrastructure to Run User Forecasts at Spotify

With Spotify’s rapid global expansion to more than 180 countries, it’s critical that the infrastructure of user forecasts catch up to business needs. As the business evolves, we need an infrastructure in place that can satisfy the varying needs of stakeholders across the company. To enable fast iterations and facilitate model training, we built a system that allows user forecasts to run both on demand and automatically every week, with the heavy hyperparameter tuning part running on the weekend.

The Slow March of Progress in Programming Language Tooling

Last time the developer survey came out, I wrote a post about Green VS Brown languages. In it, I said that when people like a new programming language, they judge it from a biased perspective because new things get used for new development, whereas the older things get used in older projects, which are less exciting. But that misses something big: Language tooling is getting better.

How to estimate disk space

Historically, I’ve never been partcularly good at estimating disk space, so I decided to take a few hours working on that skill, which has turned into these notes which I hope will be helpful for others looking to improve their estimation as well. I’ll start by sharing a few useful rules for estimating disk space, then pull together a SQLite3 snippet to demonstrate validating an estimate.

Remote Development at Slack

In this article, “remote development environments” refer to AWS EC2 instances where engineers make code changes and can see a running Slack application with those changes.


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