#483 The disproportionate influence of early tech decisions


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The disproportionate influence of early tech decisions

Spend five years at a hypergrowth startup like Stripe, and you see a lot changes during that time. Organizationally, it’s night and day, as a few hundred people scaled to thousands, the structure adapted to teams with charters and responsibilities that were much more fixed, and with a rigid managerial hierarchy to ensure continued product momentum even with many more hands involved. Similarly, culture, process, and planning methodology all shifted enormously.

What they don't teach you about sockets

In order to effectively write applications that communicate via sockets, there were some realizations I needed to make that weren't explicitly told to me by any of the documentation I read.

SQLite Internals: Pages & B-trees

Ok, I'll admit it—I'm a SQLite shill. There are few holes that I don't try to put a SQLite-shaped peg into. It's not that I dislike other databases, they're great. But SQLite is so easy to use and, more importantly, it's simple. Simplicity leads to reliability and I don't know of a more reliable database than SQLite.

Squash, Merge, or Rebase?

When version controlling your code with git, there are generally three choices when merging feature branches into main. Each has its quirks, so which one should you use?

Load Testing: An Unorthodox Guide

Load-Testing will help you form an answer if your application scales. But, interestingly, there is very little information out there on how to sensibly approach the questions mentioned above, apart from running a couple of random JMeter tests to tick off some launch-list check boxes.


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