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GDPR For Developers By Example

GDPR has been in place for years now, and we’re starting to learn more and more about how it’s going to be enforced and what it really means. The many questions people had that could only be answered by court decisions have now been answered. Over the past years, I’ve seen systems try and fail to correct implement GDPR. Here are the things I’ve learnt from court decisions and from mistakes made.

Floating Point Math

Your language isn’t broken, it’s doing floating point math. Computers can only natively store integers, so they need some way of representing decimal numbers. This representation is not perfectly accurate. This is why, more often than not, 0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3.

Lou Montulli and the invention of cookie

What is the smallest form that a genuinely world-changing idea can take? If you had to organize the truly disruptive ideas by how well they compressed as data, what would that ranking look like? No doubt, the canonical equations of physics and geometry and algebra would be at the top of the list.

Your Code Doesn’t Have to Be a Mess

Define clear goals what problem your software is trying to solve. Write them down, keep them visible. Always keep them in mind when making decisions about adding a new feature or accepting a proposed change. Do one thing and do it well. Don’t try to solve a myriad of problems at the same time. Follow basic Unix philosophy.

The Sidecar Pattern for Application Developers

A piece of functionality that extends or augments your main application and resides in a separate process. For example, your main application writes logs to stdin / stderr while the sidecar streams the logs from the filesystem into a sink. This way, your application focuses on its business logic while the sidecar encapsulates a reusable function that deals with cross cutting concerns, and can be consumed by multiple teams within an organization.


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