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#485 – August 15, 2022


Find and fix flaky tests

Buildkite Test Analytics integrates with your test framework to track, monitor, and identify areas for improving the reliability of your test suite. Use it with popular frameworks like RSpec, Pytest, Jest, Minitest, JUnit, Elixir, and more. Works with any CI provider, any language, any test framework. Free for up to 175,000 test executions/month.

this week's favorite

Redis Explained

A deep technical dive into all things Redis. Covering various Redis topologies, data persistence and process forking.

Things I wish everyone knew about Git

Git has an elegant and powerful underlying model based on a few simple concepts.


Treadmill is a "real-time" in-place garbage collection algorithm designed by H. Baker. It is simple, elegant, efficient and surprisingly little known. Speaking of which, Mr. Baker's Wikipedia page rivals one for an obscure Roman decadent poet in scarcity of information.

Data Architecture Revisited: The Platform Hypothesis

The growth of the data infrastructure industry has continued unabated since we published a set of reference architectures in late 2020. Nearly all key industry metrics hit record highs during the past year, and new product categories appeared faster than most data teams could reasonably keep track. Even the benchmark wars and billboard battles returned.

Monitoring tiny web services

At first I didn’t set up any monitoring for my servers at all. This had the extremely predictable outcome of – sometimes the site broke, and I didn’t find out about it until somebody told me!


Implementing collaboration has never been easier

A software component that can transform any application with ready-to-use features like comments, track changes, real-time collaboration, version history—just within hours. Meet CKEditor, the next-gen rich text editor that can be tailored to your needs. Start a free trial now and let your users enjoy collaborative experience in your software.


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