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#487 – August 29, 2022


Time series data: Do you need a purpose-built database?

Is time series data just any dataset with a timestamp field? How do time series workloads differ from OLTP or full text search? And what does it mean for your choice of database? Get all the answers in this technical e-book from the creators of InfluxDB. Download PDF.

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How do One-Time passwords work?

One-time passwords (OTP) are short sequences of numbers that authenticate user for a single login. They are often used as an additional layer of security when the 2-factor authorisation is enabled.

Pricing at Lyft

Pricing forms the backbone of the Lyft’s marketplace system, which is core in the journey of improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. In general, the goal of price optimization is to find the price that balances supply and demand while covering the expenses necessary to provide an easy-to-use rideshare platform, where drivers have tremendous influence on the rider prices through their entry and exit on the platform.

Agile Projects Have Become Waterfall Projects With Sprints

Agile projects have become bloated, lazy waterfall projects with two weeks sprints. The waterfall production line approach is suited to projects with known requirements or making widgets.

Event Driven Architecture — 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Event driven architecture is very powerful and well suited for a distributed microservices environment. By introducing a broker intermediary, event driven architecture offers a decoupled architecture, easier scalability, and a much higher degree of resiliency.

Fixed Partitions

To split data across a set of cluster nodes, each data item needs to be mapped to them. There are two requirements for mapping the data to the cluster nodes.


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